Italian, raised in a little village on the Alps, I’ve always been intrigued by the buttons and dials on my dad’s camera and when I received my first one at 7, has been love at first sight. Since that day photography is a huge part of my life.
Not interested to become rich, influencer or collect material things.
I don’t own a TV, a FB account or either Instagram… I’m more into life experiences! I try to glimpse the meaning beyond things and my motto is never stop learning.

Being curious and creative, I have got a Bachelors of Arts in Industrial Design, useful in terms of transversal skills, which allows me to express myself to the fullest with digital photography.

My enthusiasm for sports-outdoors brought me sharing and teaching what I love to do… Ski, Snowboard, Telemark & Scuba Diving… for this reason I describe myself as “the kid in the candy store”. What I do give me different points of view and various perspective.

I have a hunger for adventures, challenges and am in love with the beauty of the world. For this I would travel from place to place to improve, learn and understand.

Everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view, so I like to see things with my eyes, after that I try to share my vision, so you can see things the way I do.

A photograph is a memory and when I look at my photos, I can remember exactly that moment. That's what photography is about!

Stefano Mitta

Like many photographers, I started using a camera 35mm film (an automatic ones), then I received my dad’s Minolta GX1 with a bunch of lenses and I love it!

My dad was a huge photo hentusiast, he share with my his passion and of course he also taught me a lot. At the time I use to record memories of the places I've visited and the people I have spent my life with.

When I was studying I shooted my own little projects in order to present them on a story board or book and it’s probably where I began to tink more about what I was doing. Anyway, at the time it was such a long process… Importing the results became much more easier when I got as present my first Digital SLR.

The photocamera is the device able to register the scene, no more no less.

I’ve tried differents Nikon, but since 2016 I shitched on FUJIFILM, mirrorless X system. I feel amazing when I hold my X-Pro2 and my X-T2, exactly the same way I felt on the old days, when I was playing with my dad and his lovely Minolta.

Over time, I developed my passion and have worked hard to refine my skills.

All images are processed in Photoshop to develop the RAW file information into the photograph I saw when I snapped the shutter.

I currently live in the wonderful Valtellina, but am available for work both within Italy and worldwide.
Feel free to contact me with any questions about any photographs, places I visited and post-processing.

Hoping you enjoy the work you see on this site, I’d love to hear from you... Feel free to drop me a line!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stefano Mitta
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